Aya Teppanyaki

Tepanyaki Set

A scoopon deal and urbanspoon’s high rating led us to “Aya Teppanyaki” in Armadale.

Upon arriving, the place appears busy (always a good sign – though you never know whether it was because of the deal or otherwise). I could tell immediately though that this place was not run by Japanese, but I guess the food should be what really mattered.

The scoopon deal is a 12 course menu – and the salad, miso soup and sashimi is pretty standard – not something to get overly excited about.  The vegetable tempura/rice cake was not what I envisaged, but is ok  – the vegetable tempura is made up of thinly sliced carrots and cucumber wrapped in seaweed, and the rice cake similar to plain rice sushi deep-fried in tempura batter.

We were served with warm sake, and my favourite dishes were the prawns, the calamari and the wagyu beef. The calamari was tasty and chewy, and the wagyu beef cooked nicely to medium rare.

The mixed vegetable was too salty and fried rice too bland – However, as each group of 4-8 people were served by different chefs, the quality may differ. The chef serving us was handsome (which makes the experience even better) and our experience at Aya Teppanyaki would not have been complete without a few showmanship – chefs demonstrating their knife skills and throwing pieces of food into our mouth (only pieces of cooked eggs), and catching bowls of fried rice.

Overall, the experience at Aya Teppanyaki was fun, the food generally ok, with the calamari being the highlight dish for me for the night.

Teppanyaki Menu

Total cost: $59 for 2 person
Food: 6.5/10

Aya Teppanyaki Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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